Advanced Cupping Therapy Masterclass

The history of Cupping Therapy can be traced back through centuries as a therapy that provided help and relief for aching muscles and joints. It is a treatment that can easily be incorporated into your clients treatment plan where necessary, and easily integrated into your clinic.

This 2 day course is unique to The Master Academy in that it incorporates both manual suction cupping, as well as the more difficult 'fire' or 'flame' cupping which has become very popular with the celebrity elite.

Course includes:
  • History of treatment method
  • Safety considerations
  • Equipment considerations
  • Manual cupping - Static
  • Flame cupping - Static, moving and flash cupping
  • Cupping to include the back, hip, shoulder, and knee
  • Aftercare advise
  • Analysis of marks & bruising left by cupping

Course Location:                            Dates:

Crewe, Cheshire                             23/24th March 2019
Crewe, Cheshire                             7/8th September 2019  

Price: £225                                      
*Prerequisite - Student must have a massage qualification and Anatomy and Physiology


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