Clinical Acupuncture - 14 Days (7 Weekends)

This course is enables therapists to implement a very successful style of acupuncture into their spa or clinic without having to study for years. We teach the most commonly used points and combinations to treat even the most difficult of conditions.
(Course has been updated and brought into line with new Acupuncture Society requirements for 14 days minimum learning)

This course helps spas to open up new revenue markets, where clients in need of focused help gain from your expertise and have the added bonus of your spa and leisure facilities.

Traditional Chinese medical therories:
Meridian location and flow
Acu-point techniques, locations and indications
5 Elements & Zang-Fu organs

Western understandings:
Spinal nerves
Common conditions (pain, injuries, diarrhoea, headache, sciatica etc.)

Outcomes: Students will be able to understand & treat a wide range of illnesses and symptoms that have musculo-skeletal, neurological, organ and meridian imbalance at their root.

Qualification: Clinical Acupuncture Diploma

Course Location: Crewe Cheshire              

New Course Dates for 2019:
2019 Dates: May 18/19th, June 15/16th, July 20/21st, Aug 17/18th, Sept 21/22nd, Oct 19/20th, Nov 16/17th

Cost: £1400‚Äč (Costs can be split across course, based on 7 weekends x £200)
This course is fully accredited with The Acupuncture Society 

The Master Academy

We are QCF Qualified Training Providers.
FHT Accredited Course Providers
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